Current partners

John (USA), Kristiane (Denmark) and Lena (Ukraine) are visionkeepers (partners). Lena has three children: Rada, Timur and Zoriana. Besides them, several people are supporting the development of specific areas of Avnø Oasis. External supporters and explorers include: Vitalitetsfonden’s board, Rikke and Bernhard, Thias, Gitte, Philippe, Lidiya, Birgitte, Michael, Jan and more are on their way in.

What unites us is the vision and mission of the Avnø Oasis project. We have no connection with particular religious movements, but call for a personal approach to spirituality based on presence and sincerity. Our guiding principle is:

We compassionately connect to ourselves, each other & the environment and contribute towards a thriving planet.


Collaborators may be residents, temporary residents or non-residents and can be divided into three groups:


When you arrive at Avnø Oasis you get a buddy to support your social integration and get to know your new home. Our volunteer mentor will engage you in practical daily chores and support you in finding your place in one of more of the Avnø Oasis working groups.