Our aim is to bridge the old and new paradigm by

Examples of the new and old paradigm:

Old paradigmNew paradigm
Work is done from a place of obligation and hours are rigidly countedWork is considered love in action. Working from a place of inspiration
Seeing each other as roles and functionsSeeing each other first and foremost as people (performing roles and functions)
My experience is caused by other people or situations outside of meMy experience is caused by my beliefs and actions
Hierarchical organization with delegation of responsibilitiesSelf-organization - assuming responsibilities
If you feel something isn’t working for you, you request the leader or organization to change.If you feel something isn’t working for you, you create what you need or migrate to a place that is right for you.
Hire/fire peopleHold space for evaluation and growth and finding a right-for-you place
Thinking in terms of tasks, roles and functions and compliance or non-complianceThinking in terms of finding the place in the bigger whole
Creating connection through happeningsCreating connection through shared values
Absolutely good or bad.Appropriate or inappropriate in regards to a given purpose
Eating what the supermarket wants you to eat or for sensory satisfactionEating what is good for your body and mind
Money is the only real valueMulti Capital Abundance
Feel pleasure from pleasureFeel the pleasure of creation, benefit, a job well done
The internet and social media are controlling most of our emotions and lifeReal experiences and communication have a higher value than internet ´life´