Introduction Course

🌱 Online Course to get started in Permaculture 🌿

Are you curious about permaculture, and you want to try it?
This course gives you an introduction to the permaculture way of thinking.



What is this course about?


  • This course gives you an introduction to permaculture principles, methods and tools.
  • You can imagine how to design your whole life to be more sustainable, from your local community and the land you live on, and to your livelihood.
  • Even if you live in an urban area, you will also find permaculture principles useful.
  • The course doesn’t just give you theory, but also gives you practical activities and tasks.

Why should I sign up for this course?

  • Get access to our 14 recorded video lessons.
    Follow our program or study at your own pace
  • The videos are in english and our teacher Lou speaks slowly and clearly to help you understand the information
  • Enjoy practical design activities to get you thinking and designing your sustainable lifestyle 
  • Be welcomed into our facebook group where you can meet permaculture students and teachers, create a network, and ask questions in the group 

How does the course work?



Online format of the course will give you the opportunity to work at your own speed. You will have 1 month of support from the teachers during and following the course. You can ask questions and get feedback on your projects.



You will receive your “Course Guide” from us (This is an electronic PDF file with lots of information and links, and a guide to how you complete your studies.) 


In the PDF you can follow the course material from week to week. There are lots of links to written materials, and all the videos that you need.


Follow our suggestion for how to go through the course, or just study at your own pace. 


In almost every video you will be given a practical activity, so you can use what you have learnt. The activity will get you thinking about how to design the land or garden around you.


If you find out that you love permaculture and want to continue your study, we will give you a discount on our 18 week course.


What are the contents?

Week 1: What permaculture is. Drawing maps and understanding sustainable design
Week 2: How to observe your surroundings
Week 3: Understanding the people and what their needs are
Week 4: Understanding the Permaculture Principles (the guiding sustainable principles that can be used everywhere!)



We offer you to learn one session per week and complete the practical part, but of course you can choose your own pace.


Study from pre-recorded videos, e-books and chat with the teachers and other students. You will have your questions answered by teachers every week.


If you find out you love permaculture and want more, you can continue with our 18 week online course with a 300DKK discount.


Who are the facilitators?

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Charlotte Lou Langdon

Lou is a permaculture teacher and farmer who has been working with permaculture since she was 18 years old. Lou is now 32 and is the manager at one of Denmark’s top organic vineyards and wineries. She lives in a tiny-house which she built herself just last year. Lou is also one of the few people in Denmark to have been awarded the Diploma in Permaculture Design - which means she has lots of design experience. She also has completed the permaculture teacher training which she uses to hold courses in Denmark and internationally. She is a friendly and kind person who will put you at ease in her videos, and give you lots of new knowledge.

Helena Marchenko

Lena will be the assistant facilitator for this course. She is a Ukrainian land management and cadastre engineer who has diversified her expertise into sustainable land development. Since 2016, she has been designing smart natural gardens for clients, integrating her engineering skills with ecological principles. Helena furthered her education in ecovillage design in 2020 and began teaching permaculture design to students in 2021. She is also a dedicated mother of three children and resides in the Avnø Oasis Ecovillage, where she practices and promotes sustainable living principles.


What is the price?