Smart Garden Design

Helena Marchenko, a permaculture designer from Avnø Oasis, is open for new garden projects!

Get advice, a design, or a master plan for a low-maintenance garden. Olena can also help you choose plants and bring the project to life.

This offer is for you if:

  • You are tired of the monotonous lawn and hedge, but you don’t want to spend all weekends in the garden
  • You are interested in medicinal and wild edible plants and biodiversity
  • You have just bought a plot of land and have no idea how to plan a garden
  • You want to grow organic vegetables and berries for a healthy diet
  • You don’t like permaculture because you think it’s not a garden, but a wild mess.
  • You have problems with water on the site
  • It seems to you that everything you want will not fit in your plot
  • You want to see the garden more lively – invite wildlife to the plot.

Helena has 7 years of experience in the field of permaculture plot design. Her help will save you money and time on seedlings and their transplanting and conversion on the site, because, with a clear plan, you can save up to 30% of costs.

Why choose Helena among other permaculture designers?

  • She combines permaculture and landscape aesthetics. That is, the principles of ecological, regenerative design of the site are intertwined with its high decorativeness.
  • Helena has a team of permaculture designers, which she created 4 years ago in Ukraine. In this way, you will get 50 years of combined experience of 5 designers: earthworks, creation of water balance on the site, functional design, landscape design and dendrology.
  • It performs completely client-oriented projects. All of them are unique and adapted to the needs and capabilities of the client
  • Thanks to your order, 4 designers who live in difficult military conditions will get a job.

Helena offers various types of cooperation: consultation, production of the concept – site plan, master plan, marking and implementation of the project, and explanation of how to take care of the garden.

The price depends on the area of the plot and the complexity of the work you request. We can design a comprehensive site plan with earthworks, take care of the water balance, careful management of resources (use of rainwater, “grey water from the house”) and other energy-saving practices. Or just choose plants to increase biodiversity and soil fertility.

Order the first free consultation

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