Cooking for Health and Happiness

A week with focus on your relationship with food!

This course is a unique combination of information, tools, hands-on cooking and meals. You get a compass to make food work for YOU!


September 13-19
March 15-21, 2025




What is this course about?

There is currently significant confusion regarding which foods are healthy, with various theories contradicting each other. 

This course gives you simple tools to understand what foods work for you, how to prepare them, and how to put together a satisfying menu. In addition you’ll receive practical tools to address extreme needs without self-condemnation. 

This course focuses on boosting your energy levels, enhancing your relationship with food, optimizing its benefits for your well-being, and cooking nutritious meals. Participants report a better relationship with food and a noticeable increase in their energy levels during the course.

Your body renews up to 300 billion cells a day. Already during the course, you may experience that your new cells is healthier than the ones they replace, thanks to nutrient dense foods.


What is so special about this course?

You will be presented with a holistic and non-dogmatic approach to food, which makes it possible to get to a point where you can assess whether food items are suitable or unsuitable for a specific purpose rather than just categorizing them as good or bad. This approach opens the door to a much richer life on a higher vibration. 

You will be invited to develop a deeper understanding of your body’s signals and learn to create a healthy relationship with food and break vicious circles to free yourself from unhealthy eating habits.

You will make your very own customized meal plan, which both takes your situation, your values about food, your personality and those you cook for into account.

You will get tools you can use the rest of your life.


What will you get?


What are the contents?

Use food to create a Healthy Balance

 Assessment of ingredients, shopping & setting up your kitchen.
Benefits and challenges of different dietary approaches, including veganism.
The effect of various methods of meal preparation.
The energetic qualities of food.
Food that s
upports digestion and makes your microbiome happy.
How to create a s
table blood sugar.
How to r
educe inflammation.

Ingredients & Cooking

How to plan balanced meals that also works for others. 

 We will cook a combination of:
          Healing food.
          Strengthening food.
          Detoxifying food.
          Regenerative food.
          Family food.
          Food for children.
          Food for enjoyment.
          Food for the microbiome and other specific needs & desires of you and the other participants.

We use unrefined, organic or home grown, dairy- and sugar-free ingredients.
The bulk of the food consists of whole grains, beans, vegetables & seeds, complemented with fermented foods, fruits, nuts, seaweeds and a small amount of animal foods (mostly fish and eggs). Vegan options are provided when requested and some courses are totally vegan.


Delicious food with the right carbohydrates. 

Designing a diet that works for YOU!

Planning a personal meal plan based on your goals, dreams, condition, needs, life situation, nutritional content & sensual gratification.

Using macrobiotic principles to create your own healthy and delicious recipes.


Which elements are included?


Understanding how food can transform your energy balance.


A system of holistic principles and dynamic practices to choose nutrition, activity, and lifestyle for personal and planetary health.


are assessed as appropriate or inappropriate in regards to a certain purpose, rather than being judged as good or bad in an absolute sense.


Creating awareness of the connection between YOU and what you EAT changes your relationship with food for the rest of your life!


How do we study?

There is 10 theoretical sessions and 9 cooking classes:  2 demonstrations and 7 hands-on.


First day between 4 and 7pm – Course starts with an evening session at 7pm.
Last day before 11am – Course ends the day before at 5pm – you are welcome stay for dinner or free to leave .


Who is the facilitator?

Kristiane Ravn Frost

Kristiane Ravn Frost

Kristiane is motivated by seeing people and plants grow. Her intention is to give you the opportunity to make your own choices, so that you can take full responsibility for your life. Inspired by macrobiotics, she has developed her own style and taught courses on food and lifestyle since 1982, primarily in Norway, Denmark, Sweden and the USA. She is one of the founders of Avnø Oasis, Gaia Education trainer and teaches the courses Health, Happiness and Green Living, Holistic Health Activator, Aima Coach training, Activate your self-healing powers, sociocracy and Reconnection Gives Direction.


Where will you live?


You will be located in a nature reserve, neighbor to the sea and forest,  at Avno Oasis, a community that offers a lovely setting with a serene atmosphere.

Use our facilities for enjoyment or to boost and develop new skills: gym, fitness, art, music rooms, our library, and co-working space.

Experience being a part of our international community.


What is the price?




You are responsible for covering private expenses such as transportation to and from the station, personal use of the car, and any snacks purchased at the shop.


What do the students say about our course?