Mentor & Supervision Program for Holistic Health Activator’s

9.600,00 kr.

Aim: to support you to get your career started and become a certified Holistic Health Activator

Conditions to participate: Completion of Holistic Health Activator training with at least 96% participation) .


  • You will need to guide around 20 clients and each session will be reviewed based on evaluation forms for you and your client. Approximately 80 hours including filling in forms etc.
  • Weekly or biweekly zoom calls (as needed) to answer your questions and review everybody’s coaching sessions.
  • 5 individual Q&A sessions when needed.
  • Fri access to the Holistic Health Activator club for 1 year to co-create an ongoing development of the concept as well as of each other.

Price: €1300/DKK 9.600





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