Claiming back your health



Michael visited us for 3 days in 2020 and after that he volunteered with us for a period of 6 weeks.  Already the second night he felt a noticeable improvement in his diabetes. After his stay we got inspired by his example (he has taken back control of his health after that time spent with us), so we decided to co-create a retreat to take this message of hope further – we can design the life we want to live!

We walk the talk, you know: our experience, studies, practice and research have shown us that health emerges naturally when we are connected to ourselves, to nature and to the universe. Balanced health happens when we use our body naturally and fuel it with healthy food. Avnø Oasis is a safe haven where you can heal and reconnect to yourself by aligning with natural principles.


The Activate your Self-Healing Powers retreat is a totally immersive holistic experience, for body, mind and soul that will empower you to claim back your joie de vivre, like Michael did! Please read his testimonial about living at Avnø Oasis:

“Visiting Oasis-Avnø was fantastic. There are these milestones in life where things just change for the better. Honestly, I didn’t have the highest expectations, I arrived on a friend’s recommendation. The meeting with Kristiane was the start. She invited me into the kitchen, one of my favorite places. Here we cooked, talked and laughed. She explained, shared her knowledge and was completely open to ideas etc. I spent two nights at Avnø. In the morning of the second day, I realized that for the first time in a year I had not needed to drink any water during the night. My blood sugar must be down! During lunch that day I talked to Kristiane about it. She explained what sugar does, the cravings it creates and the unhealthy effects it has. As I have diabetes, I had just had a conversation with my doctor just before I arrived about how to maintain a normal blood sugar level. Kristiane’s words made sense! I ditched the coffee and already after a week I’m in a better mental space and wake up refreshed like never before! My days are spent with various activities, I have got rid of a stressful state of physical and mental stress. I feel energetic like 15 years ago. It is a decision. Sugar is a final goodbye. Just last week I had started with 3 pots of coffee. I was constantly on a coffee high to compensate for poor sleep. Giving up coffee has given me energy! Every morning I welcome myself back to a life worth living.”

Located in a nature reserve surrounded by forest and within 300 meters from the sea, Avnø Oasis offers a peaceful and rejuvenating setting. It’s the perfect oasis to take care of ourselves, regenerate and start a new way of living.

The retreat is designed as a collaboration between health practitioners (i.e. macrobiotic chefs, psychotherapists, acupuncturists and other holistic health practices) and is a rich opportunity to try out well-researched and documented daily life-style practices that will enhance your body’s own capacity for balance (homeostasis), also referred to as the Tao in the East.

You can listen to Michael’s story in person, he is definitely an inspiration:

Would you like to know more about this 10-day educational program on prevention and how to activate your body’s innate strength? You will connect with the surrounding nature through physical and meditative activities to improve your circulation, strengthen your immune system as well as increase your sense of wellbeing. You will prepare a personal plan for your daily life when you go back home. You will get personal treatments: massage, energy balancing, moxibustion, coaching sessions. You will recover the ability to enjoy Life fully given the right conditions, understanding which these human conditions are and integrating your personal preferences.

Be like the so many students, patients and clients who have already benefited from this fantastic body of knowledge that Avnø Højskole shares with the world, through courses, retreats, seminars etc to keep the flame of the Permaculture, Ecovillage and Macrobiotic movements alive. Be the Change you want to see in the world!