Solution to global health crisis: Natural Immunity.




Understanding Natural Immunity

Natural immunity simply means that the virus can’t survive long enough in a host to reproduce itself and a virus needs a host for nutrition and reproduction. Without food and the ability to reproduce the virus can’t live and the disease can’t spread to other hosts.

The virus’ incapacity to reproduce itself may happen because there is no food available for the virus or because the killer cells of the immune system recognizes the virus from earlier infections and destroys it or from a combination thereof.

When natural immunity fails in a host, the virus has the ability to reproduce itself and thus to spread the disease. While reproducing itself it has the option to mutate, but since there is no threats for its offspring, the virus has no compelling reason to mutate. Thus mutations will evolve over a longer timespan.

Vaccine immunity is created by injecting a virus or virus-like substance in a host, so that the hosts immune system is able to recognize the virus and kill it.

Some vaccines (like measles, polio and small pox) are so efficient that the immune system never allows a virus to survive long enough to reproduce itself, no matter the level of natural immunity in the host. In this case the virus doesn’t get a chance to mutate.

The Covid vaccine doesn’t offer complete immunity. Some virus are killed and others survive, which lowers the severity of the disease in the host.

So far so good. However, since it doesn’t create complete immunity, the vaccine threatens the survival of the offspring of the surviving virus.

This createsa very compelling reason for the virus in a vaccinated host to create mutations. And this is exactly what happens with the Corona virus at the moment.

Both Fauci and CDC have admitted that the Omicron mutation is being generated within the bodies of the vaccinated. Common sense predicts that with a high percentage of the population being vaccinated more mutations will continue to emerge.

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My conclusions

If only the weakest part of the population had been vaccinated, we might have had the best of both worlds. A protection of the weakest (and thus less pressure on the hospitals), an open society as well as a less rapid development of mutations.

Natural immunity is stronger than vaccine induced immunity.

Natural immunity works, whether you are exposed to a flu virus, Coronavirus or any other virus. It doesn’t encourage the virus to mutate. The virus simply can’t exist in that host.

Increasing the populations natural immunity is the only sustainable way out of the current global health crisis.

Resolving it by continuously creating new vaccinations will continue to create new mutations, and there will always be individuals, who suffers from the first wave of a new mutation. Which is not sustainable at all.

Strengthening natural immunity allows each of us to take control of our own lives and support the community, we live in to get out of the crisis.

It is something everyone can learn. Maybe it take a little time. Or it may require a change of some habits. But it will leave us more healthy, independent and empowered.

Assessing your level of natural immunity


Formulated in 1988 by Noboru Muramoto in his book: “Natural Immunity: Insights on Diet And AIDS” and slightly edited by me in 2021 as AIDS isn’t a topic of our time.

  1. Your skin has a nice natural shine and is neither too oily or dry. You only need moisturizer under extreme conditions. No pimples or rashes and the color is clear regardless of pigment. If you get a bite or small cut, nothing more than a tiny inflammation occurs. You may sometimes have cold-like symptoms in cold whether, but no fever above 38˚C, headaches, severe coughing or other symptoms. This means your immune system is working properly. You are safe.
  2. You sometimes have skin inflammations from small cuts or insect bites, but they go away without any treatment. Sometimes you have pimples or skin rashes, but they don’t become serious skin trouble. A couple of times each winter you have a common cold, which disappears again without treatment. This means your immune system is working at about 90% of its capacity.
  3. Even if you have skin trouble, inflammations or infections they go away with the use of common ointments and simple medications. You catch cold several times a year, fever stays under 40˚C, no severe headaches, coughing or body pain and the cold subsides with simple treatment within a few days. This means your immune system is working at about 80% of its capacity.
  4. You have long lasting or frequent skin troubles, such as pimples, rashes, flaky skin or skin infections. You often catch cold or flu, and sometimes you need prescription drugs or antibiotics. This means your immune system is working at about 70% of its capacity, and you are sometimes vulnerable to contamination as your immune system has a 30% reduced function.
  5. You have candida, eczema, psoriasis or other serious skin disease inflammation or an infection for which you frequently need antibiotics or you are continually taking antibiotics to prevent infection. Or you have chronic respiratory system trouble, such as bronchitis, bronchial asthma, tuberculosis or other and you are often treated with epinephrine or cortisonestreptomycinviomycin or alike. You catch colds even in the summer and they persist for a long time and the tendency is to repeat the same pattern next year. This means you have lost more than 40% of your immune ability. Your immune system is down to 60% of its capacity and you are vulnerable to contamination.
  6. You have had one or more serious infectious diseases and had multiple antibiotic treatments. Even if you feel fine right now, it is very possible that the capacity of your immune system is down by 50% . You can become infected very easily if exposed to contamination.

Increasing your natural immunity


Now that you have assessed the state of your immune system, you may wonder how to change it. Some simple advice include, but is not limited to:


  • Chew well (100 times for each mouth full)
  • Eat whole foods, prepared from scratch by organic ingredients
  • Stop all intake of non-foods such as food additives, food colours, pesticide residues etc
  • Reduce or eliminate quick carbohydrates and stimulants, such as alcohol and coffee.
  • Reduce or eliminate dairy products and processed foods.


  • Be physically active
  • Get enough sleep/rest
  • Create a proper balance between rest and activity
  • Get enough fresh air: Connect with your self and nature around you


  • Embrace your emotions
  • Listen to your needs and take responsibility for them
  • Act in alignment with your heart
  • Deal with conflicts

If you want to learn more about creating natural immunity, our courses offers several different approaches.