Blockages indicates "noise on the line"




Common Causes of Blockages

Just as things get messy and dirty around us, blockages in the body and mind also arise as a natural consequence of living. No matter how healthy our routines are around diet, exercise and rest (for some, meditation too), we can’t avoid “noise on the line”. It happens when :

  • We misinterpret each other’s (lack of) communication, misunderstand words, actions and body language, create unaligned expectations and unclear agreements, attribute qualities we don’t have to each other, etc.
  • Goals become obsolete, before we make them real.
  • When our situation change and habits that used to work well don’t work anymore.
  • Feelings are pushed aside because there is no time or space for them.
  • Basic needs are neglected to increase efficiency or to meet demands of the environment.
  • We say yes where we should say no, or no where we should have said yes.
  • we through the modern diet are exposed to substances such as GMOs, additives, pesticide residues etc. Since the body does not recognize them as food they create trouble in the body.

You can continue. This is just a few examples. The list of things that create blockages is long. 

What Are Blockages?


They are the body and mind’s way of letting us know it’s time for a “cleaning”. Since they are uncomfortable they call for action. So far so good.

But not all actions that remove the discomfort, removes the blockage. Unfortunately, as modern humans, we have been trained to remove the discomfort with a pain pill, a piece of chocolate, a cake, a beer, a cigarette or other short-term and symptom-relieving solutions that do not remove the cause.

It’s an interesting approach we’ve adopted when it comes to ourselves. Surely none of us would want to turn off the red light that comes on, when there is something wrong with the car? Then we would seek to find the cause of the red light and do something about it. But that’s what we do when we relieve blockages with everyday stimulants.

The Consequences of Ignoring Blockages


Why do we treat ourselves worse than our cars?

My best guess is that we haven’t learned what blockages are or how to remove them properly. Parents, kindergardens and schools see it as a natural task to train the next generation to keep order in our outside world, but when it comes to keeping order in our inside world and creating healthy relationships, we are much more left to find solutions ourselves. This is, in my opinion, a serious shortcoming in our society because it has such major consequences, both for the individual and for society. When we – instead of removing the cause of a blockage – end up repressing it or drowning it in everyday stimuli, perhaps just to get through the next few hours/days, then we are adding layer upon layer. The consequence of layering blockage’s is that the language of the body and mind becomes difficult to interpret correctly. With layers upon layers, it often becomes more comfortable to “escape” from the cause than to do anything about it. When we live with unresolved blockage’s in body, mind and relationships, our sensory capacity gradually becomes impaired and more or less serious chronic diseases gradually develop. So with layer upon layer, you can no longer trust that what feels good is good and healthy. When we become removed too far from ourselves, what is good and healthy often feels quite uncomfortable – at least in the beginning. This can be quite confusing.

Transforming Your Life with AIMA Tools

In 2001, I developed the AIMA tools to cleanse our inner selves and our relationships of dysfunction (bloackage’s). I use them regularly in my own life, just as I regularly clean my house. Just as the mirror shows me how I look, so I can fix my clothes, before I go out into life, the AIMA tools make me aware of how my state of being affects my life. Based on what I “see in the mirror”, I can adjust my mindset and make different choices to remove blockages and thus change the quality of my life. When I use the tools it always become clear to me that I have (mostly unconsciously) created the life I have, and that I am actually free to create something else, if I don’t like what I have now. (Before I use the tools it often feels like I have no freedom to create something else). There is no guilt of what I have created – It is just empowering to discover that I can do something about the blockages. The AIMA tools are designed so that they easily become automated, thus creating new (often unconscious) habits. 

Of course, I also use them when I coach my clients.

In the course Reconnection Gives Direction, you will learn to use the basic Aima tools, while you review your own life and remove blockages.