Aima Coach training

Certification Program | 7 WEEKS

Learn to guide people to transform deeply rooted personal issues into creative energy so they can engage wholeheartedly in this unpredictable world and live their lives more fully.

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September 20 - november 7, 2024

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What is this training about?

You will learn to guide your clients to experience their challenges from simple but fundamental perspectives with Aima’s transformation procedure. Step by step, you lead them to a point where they realize that they may simply stop creating the situation.

Aima’s tool for clarification of vision and values help to create new direction and Aima’s viable action plan ensures that the right actions are taken.

In parallel with the fact that you are trained in the use of the tools by coaching and being coached by your fellow students, your ability to be present and accommodate difficult issues is trained.

Aima Coaching på Vejen hjem er vejen frem kursus

What makes this training special?

The Aima methods!
Just as only 1/10 of an iceberg is above water, the challenge a client wants to deal with is usually just a symptom of an underlying problem. Attempts to change the problem from symptom level often result in a long and tiresome therapeutic process with many relapses and sometimes the client may even experience that the problem gets worse. Often the conclusion is that the client lacks motivation.

With Aima’s transformation procedure, you can guide a person directly to the cause. When the root cause is removed, even deep-rooted problems can be resolved in a single session, and often other issues are resolved at the same time. Clients usually experience either immediate release or that they have a clear path to follow. It motivates both coach and client.


What will you get from this training?

We live in a time of change. There is shorter and shorter time between worldwide crises. Many people find it difficult to navigate in this unpredictable world, which often leads to psychological problems.


What are the contents?

The training is divided in 5 modules. The first module trains you in using the Aima tools to coach your self. The next 3 in coaching your fellow students and the fifth module in coaching "strangers."

Coach yourself – Reconnection Gives Direction | 1 evening + 5 days

Aim: To have a basic knowledge of how the mind works, be able to handle what comes alive in you while you coach and to find your blind spots. 

Tools for reflection.
         Dealing with difficult emotions.
         Goals & action plan.
         New approaches to your daily life.
         Problem solution.

This module can also be done separately as a Personal Development course, independent of the rest of the training.

You as a coach | 8 days

Aim: To develop your ability to be present, create authentic relationships, park your own issues and maintain your integrity (no matter what your client brings up) and to master the use of basic tools. 

Methodology, roles, interaction, developing presence and ethics.
         Reading of body language.
         Building capacity for empathy and authentic communication.
         Ability to be solution-oriented.
         Manage and communicate inconvenient truths.
         Conflict management
         Stress management
         Handling of troublesome emotions.
         Clarifying vision & values
         Goal setting.
         Viable plan of action…

Wisdom, identity and transformation | 6 - 8 days

Aim: To bring the deepest aspect of the personality into play in your coaching, get a deeper understanding of how identity is created and understand the principles behind Aima’s Transformation procedure, which you may use to guide a client to transform their largest challenges into creative energy. 

Content: You and your fellow students will coach each other in full sessions, including Aima’s Transformation Procedure while you transform issues, such as low self-esteem, stress, doubt, negative emotions and relationships to creative energy. It’s a powerful process to witness in a client.

Insight into human nature | 6 days

Aim: To increase your ability to perform a fluent coaching session and ask relevant questions from a broader and deeper perspective.

         Understanding human processes and how our personality is developed.
         Connection between body and mind.
         Dealing with physical issues.
         Recognizing mental disorders.
         Referring to and collaborating with medical professionals.

Ready to start your coach career | 5 days

Aim: To become ready to give sessions on your own and participate in Aima’s Mentor & Supervision Program, to get your Aima coaching career started.

         Review of the basic principles.
         2-4 coaching sessions on strangers, who don’t know the Aima tools.
         You and your fellow students will coach each other on your personal careers.
         Next steps.


Wat makes Aima Coaching groundbraking?


The program

There will be 35 full days of training with Tuesdays and Wednesdays off in most weeks.

To become a certified  Aima Coach you need to complete this training and do Aima’s Mentor & Supervision Program, during which you will receive mentoring and supervision until your coach career is started. 


Who is teaching?

Kristiane Ravn Frost, the developer of the Aima methods is the primary teacher of this course. She teaches Aima coaching, personal & spiritual development, health, food & lifestyle, cooking, sociocracy & economy at Avnø Højskole. She is one of the founders of the project, a Gaia Education trainer and one of the main facilitators of the Health, Happiness and Green Living course.


Where will you live?


Located in a nature reserve, neighbor to the sea and forest, Avno Oasis offers a lovely setting with a serene atmosphere.

Enjoy healthy and delicious organic meals (vegan option available) and use our facilities to boost and develop new skills: gym, fitness, art, music rooms, our library, and co-working space.

Experience being a part of our diverse community, which also includes doing some household chores & kitchen service together with volunteers and residents. 


What is the price?

If you're feeling the call for a change, we're here to welcome you into our community and transform your life. 


€4.200 ≈ DKK 31.000

All rooms are with private bathrooms and a nice view – the forest, sea, or our green courtyard.


€3.500 ≈ 26.000 DKK

All rooms are with private bathrooms and a nice view – the forest, sea, or our green courtyard.

Are you in a fragile economic situation?

Tell us what you can afford.

All rooms are with private bathrooms and a nice view – the forest, sea, or our green courtyard.

We also ask for a deposit of 300 euros. The deposit will be returned, when you leave , providing the room is left neat and clean, all keys returned and all payments due to Avnø højskole are paid (snacks, car, payments for materials , excursions et.