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Avnø højskole is a people’s college in an international environment with a special focus on health, sustainability and entrepreneurship. The aim is to support people to become more grounded, increase their self-understanding and become more open to the world.

A højskole for people who want to make a difference

This is the right place for you if:

We don’t only teach how to make a difference. We do it! We are in line with the needs in our current circumstances. We passionately and compassionately empower people to identify the elements that need to change to turn the present global challenges into opportunities. A transition needs to take place from the industrial growth model into a life-sustaining model, where people replicate nature and natural cycles. Adjustment and action are needed in all areas of life: health, self-worth, relationships, career, climate, economy… because everything is interconnected. 

Type of courses

Short courses
The short courses focus on a particular theme, which is systematically covered from many perspectives. The short courses are quite intensive and packed with information. The beginner usually experience them as a comprehensive introductory and the more experienced feel it’s a chance to dive deeper and immerse themselves in the subject. Whether you are experienced or beginner, you may expect to use some time to integrate the results in your life. 

Medium and long courses
Besides giving you a chance to dive deeper into a subject, our medium and long courses invites you to experience both the community life that forms between the students of the course and the Avnø Oasis community, which the school is an integral part of.

The teachers

The courses are taught by various teachers. Some teachers live at Avnø Oasis, others are external. The vision and mission of Avnø Oasis unites them. The long courses often have multiple teachers.  


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Avnø Summer Gathering

A 3-day summer event to focus on embracing Nature, learning Green Skills, and nurturing a Healthy Lifestyle! Our gathering offers an embrace of practical workshops & eco-friendly experiences, fostering a...

2.070,00 kr.2.970,00 kr.

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Mentor & Supervision Program for Holistic Health Activator's

Aim: to support you to get your career started and become a certified Holistic Health Activator Conditions to participate: Completion of Holistic Health Activator training with at least 96% participation)...

9.600,00 kr.

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Cooking for Health and Happiness

A week with focus on your relationship with food  The course is a unique combination of information, tools, hands-on cooking and meals. You get a compass to make food work...

4.800,00 kr.5.800,00 kr.

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Reconnection Gives Direction

A week with focus on getting in touch with your core. Make your wishes and dreams come true! A unique combination of information about how the mind works, tools, coaching,...

4.800,00 kr.5.800,00 kr.