Holistic Health Activator

Certification Program | 12 WEEKS

Learn how to empower your clients, friends and family to activate their self-healing powers, engage wholeheartedly in this unpredictable world and live their life more fully


September 5 - November 27
(including arrival and departure days)




What is this training about?

You will learn how to guide people to activate their body’s selfhealing powers. 

The program is based on the Wheel of Health, which offers a comprehensive and holistic approach to health by combining several elements in such a way that the body’s self healing powers are activated in a simple and natural way without the need of extreme measures. 

Holistic Health Education

What is so special about this training?

A person is perceived as a whole of body, mind, spirit and relationships. Focus is on the person rather than on treating a disease.

Our body has an amazing capacity to heal, as it replaces around 300 billion cells a day. Good living conditions & proper nutrition creates healthy cells.

Combining the modern Western scientific approach (epigenetics) with the Eastern energetic approach provides a simple and effective path to activate the body’s self-healing powers – both in regard to physical and mental health.

When Bruce Lipton showed, many years ago, that cloned stem cells develop into muscle cells, bone cells or fat cells depending on which nutrition they receive, it became clear that genes are not destiny. The science of Epigenetics confirmed that changing a cell’s nutrition changes its quality.

Our cells are nourished by our blood. By combining the elements in the Wheel of Health we can easily improve our blood quality using natural methods & products.


What will you get?

To become a certified  Holistic Health Activator you need to complete these 12 weeks as well as the Mentor & Supervision Program for Aima coaches and the Mentor and Supervision Program for Holistic Health Activators, during which you will receive supervision until you are qualified to be on your own with clients. 


What are the contents?

The course is divided into 10 modules. Some of them may be taken as separate courses.

The first 3 modules consists of the Activate your self-healing powers program. Module 3-7 is the Aima Coach training.

1. The Wheel of Health | 6 days + 1 evening

Aim: To gain basic knowledge of the process of healing, how disease develops and how to create optimal conditions for the body to heal itself. 

         Overview over the elements of the Wheel of Health:A holistic approach to health based on perceiving a person as a whole of body, mind, spirit and relationships. Focus is on healing the person and their life rather than treating disease.
         The connection between body and mind.
         How to improve a person’s general quality of life.
         How the body works and body produces energy. 
         How disease develops and what is the purpose behind it.
         How to re-activate the body’s self-healing powers.
         The process of healing.

2. Cooking for Health & Happiness | 1 evening + 5 days

Aim: To get a basic  understanding of how nutrition affects body and mind and which type of food is optimal for different people and situations. 

Choosing your food/ingredients.
         Cooking from scratch.
         Nutritional content of foods.
         Energetic approach to food.
         Menu planning.
         Relationship with food.
         Absorption of food.
         Creating a stable blood sugar and energy level.
         Shopping for food items.

Cooking for Health and Happiness can also be taken as a separate course, independent of the rest of the training.

3. Coach yourself – Reconnection Gives Direction | 1 evening + 5 days

Aim: To have a basic knowledge of how the mind works, be able to handle what comes alive in you while you coach and to find your blind spots. 

Tools for reflection.
         Dealing with difficult emotions.
         Goals & action plan.
         New approaches to your daily life.
         Problem solution.

This module can also be done separately as a Personal Development course, independent of the rest of the training.

4. You as a coach | 8 days

Aim: To develop your ability to be present, create authentic relationships, park your own issues and maintain your integrity (no matter what your client brings up) and to master the use of basic tools. 

Methodology, roles, interaction, developing presence and ethics.
         Reading of body language.
         Building capacity for empathy and authentic communication.
         Ability to be solution-oriented.
         Manage and communicate inconvenient truths.
         Conflict management
         Stress management
         Handling of troublesome emotions.
         Clarifying vision & values
         Goal setting.
         Viable plan of action…

5. Wisdom, identity and transformation | 8 days

Aim: To bring the deepest aspect of the personality into play in your coaching, get a deeper understanding of how identity is created and understand the principles behind Aima’s Transformation procedure, which you may use to guide a client to transform their largest challenges into creative energy. 

Content: You and your fellow students will coach each other in full sessions, including Aima’s Transformation Procedure while you transform issues, such as low self-esteem, stress, doubt, negative emotions and relationships to creative energy. It’s a powerful process to witness in a client.

6. Insight into human nature | 8 days

Aim: To increase your ability to perform a fluent coaching session and ask relevant questions from a broader and deeper perspective.

         Understanding human processes and how our personality is developed.
         Connection between body and mind.
         Dealing with physical issues.
         Recognizing mental disorders.
         Referring to and collaborating with medical professionals.

7. Ready to give Aima sessions | 6 days

Aim: To become ready to give sessions on your own and participate in Aima’s Mentor & Supervision Program, to get your Aima coaching career started.

         Review of the basic principles.
         2-4 coaching sessions on strangers, who don’t know the Aima tools.
         You and your fellow students will coach each other on your personal careers.

8. Energy flow in the body | 5 days

Aim: To learn how the energy flows in the body, understand if it is blocked, why, how and when bodywork, home remedies and movement is appropriate to use to make it flow again. 

         Body work.
Home remedies and Eastern Medicine knowledge to support your client in taking responsibility for their own health.
Using the macrobiotic principles for diet and lifestyle to guide your client to give their body proper nutrition.
A deeper understanding of what to expect during the healing process. 

9. Blueprint for complete sessions | 5 days

Aim: To establish a blueprint for an Activate your Self-Healing Power session.

         Training to do Activate your Self-Healing Power sessions.
Helping a person to prioritize which part(s) of the Wheel of Healthis is optimal to use at this moment in their life.
         The 4 quadrants.
         Clarity about when and how to refer to other professionals and/or seek qualified medical treatment. 

10. Ready to start your Holistic Health Activator career | 5 days

Aim: To become ready to do sessions on your own participate in our Mentor and Supervision Program for Health Activators, to start your career as a Holistic Health Activator.

         Review of the basic principles.
         2-4 Activate your Self-Healing Power sessions to strangers who doesn’t know the concept to activating their self-healing powers. 
         Next steps


Which elements are included?


Simple and effective path to activate the body’s self-healing powers – both in regard to physical and mental health.


Macrobiotic principles for diet and lifestyle & practical cooking classes.


Aima tools to remove subconscious programming, e.g. negative self-images, bad habits and old patterns. 


Meditation techniques for peace, calmness and self-realisation.


How do we study?

We offer a morning program and 3 sessions every day with 2 days off per week.

There will be a mix of theoretical & practical hands-on sessions, group work, individual work, and practicing to facilitate a clients process.

Expect to engage actively during all sessions.


- Arrival: First day between 16 and 19 | Dinner is served at 18. | Course starts at 19:00.
- Departure: Last day before 11am | Scheduled course activities ends the day before departure at 17.


Optional activities may be organised by students, volunteers or residents. Sessions are organised by teachers.


Who are the facilitators?

Kristiane Ravn Frost

Kristiane Ravn Frost

Kristiane loves to see people and plants grow. She has taught macrobiotics in several countries since 1982. She developed the Aima tools for personal transformation in 2001 to support a smooth transition to a healthy diet and lifestyle and quickly discovered that the methods had a remarkable power to activate the body's self-healing powers. In the Wheel of Health she's combined them all to empower you to take full responsibility for your life and make your own choices.


Alicia Noemi Carreiro Kon

Alicia Carreiro Kon has been empowering people to regain their full Health in Portugal, Argentina and the UK for more than 30 years. She specializes in Eastern Medicine - Macrobiotics, Wado-atsu massage, Moxibustion, Movement Therapy, Breathwork, Meditation & Biodanza.


Where will you live?


You will be located in a nature reserve, neighbor to the sea and forest,  at Avnø Oasis, a place that offers a lovely setting with a serene atmosphere.

Enjoy healthy and delicious organic meals (vegan option available) and use our facilities to boost and develop new skills: gym, fitness, art, music rooms, our library, and co-working space.

Experience being a part of our diverse community, which also includes doing some household chores & kitchen service together with volunteers and residents. 


What is the price?


43 500 DKK | € 5 900  

All rooms are with private bathrooms and a nice view – the forest, sea, or our green courtyard.


36 500 DKK | € 4 900

All rooms are with private bathrooms and a nice view – the forest, sea, or our green courtyard.

Are you in a fragile economic situation?

Tell us what you can afford.

All rooms are with private bathrooms and a nice view – the forest, sea, or our green courtyard.




We ask for a deposit of 300 euros that will be returned, when you leave, providing accommodation was left as you found it, keys returned and all monies due to Avnø Højskole have been cleared (snacks, car use, private sessions, etc.)