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We welcome highly motivated people with entrepreneurial spirits, who are ready to dedicate their energy and skills to realise our vision

With the intention to co-create a more sustainable lifestyle, Avnø Oasis is a melting pot of people with different cultural backgrounds and skills ranging from ecovillage-design, permaculture, holistic nutrition, personal and spiritual development to entrepreneurship and sociocracy.

With 7 to 11 different nationalities around the table we mostly speak English. 

Our community kitchen serves 3 daily meals prepared using macrobiotic principles. We are not able to provide snacks and special foods. 

All bedrooms have private bathrooms. Once the local plan is in place, residents will have the possibility of upgrading their private space to accommodate their needs within limits of building regulations.

Since we have a large common area and many shared facilities, those of us who live her spend around 2 hours/day + 1 day/month on upkeep of our home.  

As much as possible we try to align our work tasks with our skills and interests, so we can work from inspiration rather than obligation. We aim to find a healthy balance between work, social life and withdrawing to connect with ourselves or nature. It is for example possible to sit at a quiet table or taking your food outside or to your room, when you feel the need to be alone. 

We have many shared Facilities and our car share association, Avnø Carshare, allows us to have shared cars. Once the project is up and running we aim to also share ownership of the property. 

We’re in a nature reserve area, so we strongly recommend taking walks and exploring the surroundings! We also have some bikes available. As a community, we sometimes sing, play games, watch a movie, sit by the fireplace or do other social activities. Other days we take time on our own. In your free time it is often possible to participate in some of Avnø højskole’s activities.


Curious if Avnø Oasis could be a place for you?

Our days take many colourful forms and are filled with a broad variety of tasks (and unexpected events). Realizing a project of this size requires commitment, a variety of skills, practical work and communal involvement. It also offers rich possibilities for development of personal, practical, organisational, social and communal skills. 

We are looking for highly motivated partners with entrepreneurial spirits, who are ready to invest time and dedicate their energy and skills to develop and improve Avnø Oasis.

If you are eager to put your body and mind to work in an intense combination of research, experiment, practical tasks and creation of a more sustainable model of life we welcome you to explore the below pathways.


Collaborators that have demonstrated a long-term commitment and found their place in Avnø Oasis may apply to become partners. Some partners are elected to be visionkeepers.


Start as a volunteer, an explorer or an external supporter.  Once you have found your place in Avnø Oasis, you may request to become a partner. 


People (and organizations) who are supporting the development of Avnø Oasis. Some of them spend some of their time on Avnø. Others are involved in particular projects or tasks.


Our external supporters has come through different channels. Contact us, if you feel you have something to give. 


Are you curious to experience life in a community?

Would you like to discover and develop new sides of yourself?

Do you like to create your own work schedule?

Do you enjoy an international environment and meeting new people?

Are you able to work both independently and collaborate with others?

Are you interested in sustainability, natural health & holistic nutrition?


We welcome full or part time volunteers of all ages (Also ESC). 

Read more in our infopack where you also find the link to apply.


People who are exploring if Avnø Oasis will be their future home.  

Just like residents, explorers may choose to be paying or volunteering members of our community.

Read our info-pack to find the best path for you. 


Living in Avnø Oasis


Are you looking for a place to live temporarily while you work from home?
Avnø Oasis offer different options for Co-living for shorter or longer periods. 


Residents of Avnø Oasis are volunteers, explorers, partners and visionkeepers. Full time volunteers have free room and board. 
Options for paying residents can be found here. 


When to leave

If you don’t find or loose the joy in actively engaging in building up Avnø Oasis or you can’t find your right place here, there is nothing wrong neither with you nor with Avnø Oasis. 

Your commitment might need to be adjusted, there may be inner work to do or there may be a better place for you somewhere else? A talk with a vision keeper or an evaluation in your working group usually remove the tensions.