Culture Weekend

July 5-7, 2024

Try Swedish crafts, learn about the Swedish folklore and sing Swedish songs with great people at Avnø Oasis


We, Olha and Alexander, recently visited a permaculture collective Hästekasen in Sweden as part of the Erasmus+ cultural exchange project “Folklore for Future”.

We spent 14 days learning about the Swedish culture and joining various activities from sailing on an old ship to telling fairytales and building a primitive stone wall😮 

Come and explore Swedish folklore with us!




Accommodation options:
– a bed in a double room
– your tent
– your camping van
(please bring your own sleeping bag
or bed linen if possible)
*** For higher donations, single-room accommodation is possible

Participation Fee
The event is co-funded by the European Union. It means that you can decide what you want to pay.
Choose your contribution:
– you can join for free (we can offer a few free spots)
– pay for food: 300 DKK
– pay for food and bed: 500 DKK
– pay for food, bed and program: 800 DKK
– or donate any sum in between 🙂
(your contributions will motivate us to spread the folklore further and create more awesome and affordable events at Avnø Oasis) 

The closest transport points are Lundby train station and Sallerup Gade bus stop. There will be a free pick up of participants from Lundby at 17:25 and from Sallerup Gade at 17:35. If you need a pick up, mark it in the registration form.





Please register here: 

We will expect and prepare only for the registered participants, so your registration is important.

The places are limited. We will close the registration form when we reach the maximum number. 




Olha Simon

Olha Simon

Olha is a youth activist and an ecovillage researcher. Originally from Ukraine, she now lives in Avnø Oasis. Olha has visited or lived in around 30 communities in different countries, including 2 in Sweden. She is excited about music, languages and herbal medicine.


Alexander Jost Isaksen

Alexander is a musician and folkdancing teacher. He lives in the ecovillage Permatopia south of Copenhagen. He loves to play the piano for singing (Højskole sang) and facilitating morning circles with dance, community-buiding activities and personal talk.


About the venue


Avnø Oasis is an aspiring ecovillage nestled in the heart of nature, alongside the sea, beach meadows, woods, and wildlife fields. Our community is a diverse mix of core members & volunteers coming from various parts of the planet, of all ages. Altogether, we are 10-20 people in different periods of the year. What unites us is our shared vision, strong social culture and common actions towards a happier future.


We provide double rooms with private bathrooms, if needed complete with bed linen, towels, and eco-friendly hand soap. Each room is equipped with a desk and wardrobe, and a nice view – the forest, sea, or our green courtyard. You also have the possibility to sleep in tents and camping vans (tents and sleeping bags can be rented).


Macrobiotic meals are prepared with care by professional chefs. Our balanced menu features organic whole grains, beans, seeds, and homegrown or locally sourced seasonal vegetables, supplemented with fruits, nuts, seaweed, fish, and eggs. Vegan options are available upon request. We do not serve sugar or coffee and maintain a zero-tolerance policy towards alcohol and drugs, fostering a culture of conscious living and connection with ourselves and each other.

Shared space

 Fitness Room equipped with various fitness equipment

Gym ideal for sports like badminton, volleyball, and football

Dining Room for cosy talks

Auditorium available for presentations and movie screenings

Music Room with instruments

Game Room with board games and table sports

Art Room for creative pursuits

Sewing Room for clothing projects

Library stocked with English and Danish books


Explore 21 hectares of protected land including forests, meadows, and sea within a nature reserve. Activities include bouncing on a trampoline, gathering around bonfires, biking through the surroundings, and taking boat rides to enjoy the sea.


Would you like more information?

If you have any questions about this event, please write to hojskole@avno.org .
We are happy to connect with you 😀