July 3-7, 2024

🌿 Embrace Nature, Learn Green Skills, and Nurture a Healthy Lifestyle This Summer! 🌞




About the event

Welcome to Avnø Summer Gathering, where we invite you on a journey of self-discovery, sustainable living practices, health, and wellbeing, all while connecting with nature alongside like-minded individuals.

Our gathering offers an embrace of practical workshops & eco-friendly experiences, fostering a sense of community and personal growth in a serene natural setting.

We aim to build practical green skills, encourage healthy lifestyle choices, create behaviour change, and foster a supportive community. We want to empower you to live in harmony with the environment while prioritizing your health and well-being.


Our key areas

Greener life

Inspiring talks about sustainability and eco movements that will ignite your green passion

Immerse yourself in thought-provoking documentaries, followed by group talks

Health and wellbeing

Entrust yourself to our teachers and therapists that have empowered people to regain their health for the last 3-5 decades

Workshops ranging from food & lifestyle to various bodywork, such as shiatsu, waduatsu, yoga

Tools for personal and spiritual development and principles for how life works

Nature connection

Lace up your boots for guided hikes along the Møns Klint

Spend a night under the stars, nestled in the embrace of the forest, in cosy tents and shelters

Get your hands dirty with permaculture gardening sessions

Sip on herbal teas you’ve personally picked

Explore the forests and the meadows, swim in the sea and ride a bike at the sunset

Growing alone and together

 Dive deep into self-reflection with activities designed to connect with your heart and awaken your inner spirit

Let loose and express yourself with biodanza, free movement workshops and heart-opening art activities

  Come together with like-minded people and practitioners of spiritual development, physical and mental health, wellbeing 

  Enjoy cosy bonfire evenings filled with laughter and storytelling

Connect with others in sharing circles and deep listening sessions, where every voice is heard, valued, and cherished


Long term impact

After this event, you will have the essential skills and tools to enhance your health and well-being. You will incorporate green and sustainable practices into your daily life, empowering you to make eco-conscious choices that not only benefit the environment but also contribute to your overall vitality and longevity.


Developing new habits that harmonize with the SDGs so it comes to run on "auto-pilot".



Personal engagement and communication, prioritizing it over material possessions.



Developing of a sense of responsibility for one's own life and thereby the ability to create change and achieve results.



Improving your well-being and health.



Becoming a driver of positive change among yourself, your family, friends, and acquaintances in all directions.


Be a key driver for a greater transition



Creating awareness of our dependence on Nature, while becoming an integral part of the local area and protecting nature's limited resources.



Living & eating in a way, where real needs are met, thus increasing strength & vitality for a stronger immune system & reducing lifestyle diseases.



Be a key driver for a greater transition, sustainable relationships and communities, therefore building a sense of belonging & leadership.



Acknowledging all kinds of capital, not just money, such as green livelihood & regenerative enterprises.



Connecting with true life values to create awareness that neither material goods, money, or power has much value when facing death.



Being inside driven & making deliberate choices, by taking personal responsibility, courage to engage in an unpredictable world & living in the new paradigm.


Children's program



While you relax and learn, your kids will have their program. We’ve got fun outdoor adventures and cool indoor activities lined up, all tailored to their age and interests. 

🌞Movement: yoga, Do-In, massage

🌞Outdoor: activities in the forest & by the sea

🌞Identify and collect: animal world, mineral world, vegetable world

🌞Vocalizing & signing 

🌞Creativity: collaging, painting, poem writing, music & song composing

🌞Games: board games, ball games


Learning process

Focus Time


The daily agenda consists of 4 sessions, some activities occurring simultaneously.


All sessions will be conducted in person, allowing to work together, individually, or in divided groups.


Some of the sessions will take place outdoors in natural settings.

Your routine


Our facilitators

Olha Simon

Olha Simon

Olha is a certified Gaia Education trainer and an ecovillage researcher. Having a pedagogical backgroung, Olha has coordinated around 10 various educational programs and courses in Ukraine and Denmark. Her main expertise areas are Non Violent Communication, Conflict Resolution and Group Dynamics.


Kristiane Ravn Frost

Kristiane teaches Aima coaching, personal & spiritual development, health, food & lifestyle, cooking, sociocracy & economy at Avnø. She is one of the founders of the ecovillage, a Gaia Education trainer and one of the main facilitators of Avnø's courses.


Helena Marchenko

Helena is a Permaculture and ecovillage design expert. She will teach you about the holistic approach to sustainable living that seeks to mimic natural ecosystems to design human settlements and agricultural systems. Also, you will learn about wild herbs and gain insights into their practical applications for daily living.


Philippe Kuznik

Philippe has been dedicated to the practice of Shiatsu since 1980, refining his expertise under the tutelage of the master Shizuko Yamamoto. With a profound understanding of this ancient Japanese healing art, he has developed his own unique approach, integrating sound therapy and palm activation to enhance the stimulation of the body's meridians, or energy channels.


Alicia Noemi Carreiro Kon

Alicia brings over 25 years of expertise to the field of Natural Health, where her passion for holistic well-being shines through her diverse skill set. As a Macrobiotics counsellor, qualified massage therapist (Wadô-atsu), and holistic practitioner specializing in Moxibustion, Kinesiotaping, Movements for Healthy Adults and Kids, Breathing and Meditation techniques, Trance Dance, and Biodanza, she offers a comprehensive approach to healing.

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Where will you live



Avnø Oasis is an aspiring EcoVillage nestled in the heart of nature, alongside the sea, beach meadows, woods, and wildlife fields. Our community is a diverse mix of core members & volunteers coming from various parts of the planet, of all ages. Altogether, we are 10-20 people in different periods of the year. What unites us is our shared vision, strong social culture and common actions towards a happier future.


We provide single and double rooms with private bathrooms, complete with bed linen, towels, and eco-friendly hand soap. Each room is equipped with a desk and wardrobe, and a nice view – the forest, sea, or our green courtyard. You also have the possibility to sleep in tents and campervans (tents and sleeping bags can be rented).


Macrobiotic meals are prepared with care by a professional chef. Every bite in her meals is a celebration of sustainability and nourishment, encouraging you to practise mindful eating. Our balanced menu features organic whole grains, beans, seeds, and homegrown or locally sourced seasonal vegetables, supplemented with fruits, nuts, seaweed, fish, and eggs. Vegan options are available upon request. We do not serve sugar or coffee and maintain a zero-tolerance policy towards alcohol and drugs, fostering a culture of conscious living and connection with ourselves and each other.

Shared space

 Fitness Room equipped with various fitness equipment

Gym ideal for sports like badminton, volleyball, and football

Dining Room for cosy talks

Auditorium available for presentations and movie screenings

Music Room with instruments

Game Room with board games and table sports

Art Room for creative pursuits

Sewing Room for clothing projects

Library stocked with English and Danish books


Explore 21 hectares of protected land featuring forests, meadows, and sea within a nature reserve. Activities include bouncing on a trampoline, gathering around bonfires, biking through the surroundings, and taking boat rides to enjoy the sea.


Investment & Logistical details


  • Each participant will contribute around 1h daily to helping the community

Help will be needed in the kitchen and shared areas





  • Pick-up at Lundby Station:  60 DKK per car (3 seats in one car)
  • Pick-up at Sallerup Gade: 20  DKK per car (3 seats in one car)

To be booked in advance.


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Avnø Summer Gathering

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