Health, Happiness and Green Living

Avnø højskole, in partnership with Gaia Education and LØS (GEN-Denmark) presents the Ecovillage Design Education | 12 weeks

A life-changing experience that gives skills to build communities, design permaculture projects, and live a healthier, happier and greener life.


AUTUMN 2024 | Sep 5th to Nov 27th
SPRING 2025 | Mar 7th to May 29th
AUTUMN 2025 | Sep 12th to Dec 4th
(including arrivals and departures)




What is this course about?


This is your transformative journey into a happier, healthier, and more regenerative life. 

The Health, Happiness & Green Livingprogram is based on the worldwide-known Ecovillage Design Education curriculum (EDE), created in 2005 by two leaders of sustainable development popularization: Global Ecovillage Network and Gaia Education.  

You will explore how to improve your life and make a change in the world through the Sustainability Wheel, including the Social, Worldview, Ecological, and Economic dimensions.


What makes this course special?

Since 2005, various “Ecovillage Design Education”-based programs have been organized 350+ times in 55 countries around the world. We are connected with the network of EDE organizers, so the wisdom of past experiences nurtures our program. Besides that, we’re creating this course in cooperation with Landsforeningen for Økosamfund — the Danish ecovillage network.

Standard EDE-programs last 1 month. Our Health, Happiness and Green Living course lasts 3 months to dive together much deeper into each of the topics. You will not only learn the theory but also use it in many various designs that you will create on your own or with other students during the course. The students and the teachers live in a real ecovillage community, which gives them a chance to study, connect, and transform themselves on a much deeper level. 


What will you get?


What are the contents?

The course is divided into 5 modules. Each of the modules includes design time — sessions dedicated to student group or individual work. The modules may have a different order.

1. Community Building | 2-3 WEEKS


  • To become a valuable co-player in the co-creation of communities and green projects.



2. Practical Sustainability | 2-3 weeks


  • To be able to live in a more sustainable way.


The main elements of a permaculture design certification course:

  • The use of permaculture design principles in regards to growing food and choosing our purchases.
  • Urban regeneration.
  • Ecological building.
  • Green energy water management.
  • Infrastructure.
  • Recycling.
  • Regenerating Earth and more.
3. Green Entrepreneurship 1,5-2 weeks


  • To understand the financial system and be able to co-design green livelihoods, social-economic systems and more.


  • Global, local, ecovillage and circular economy.
  • Personal attitude to economy.
  • Formats of exchange.
  • Money and capital.
  • Our resources.
  • Community banks and currencies.
  • Legal and financial issues.
  • Fundraising and more.
4. Conscious Worldview | 2-3 weeks


  • To explore how life works and master your own life and vitality.


  • Physical and mental health.
  • Nature.
  • Culture.
  • Self-reflection.
  • Personal & spiritual development.
  • Macrobiotic principles.
  • Spiral Dynamics.
  • Inner transition.
  • Epigenetics.
  • Body-mind-spirit connection.
  • Self-diagnosis.
  • Food and cooking.
  • Lifestyle.
  • Thoughts.
  • Body treatment.
  • Movement, massage and more.
5. Design Time | 2-3 weeks


  • To use all the knowledge and skills received to practice, get comfortable, and turn our wishes and ideas into systemic designs.


  • Design Social Activities.
  • Design Social Culture.
  • Permaculture Design.
  • Design Sustainable Economies.
  • Design Your Life.
  • Design Ecovillages and more.

Which elements are included?

Be a key driver for a greater transition:

The Wheel of Sustainability:

4 dimensions of understanding and co-creating life and the world around you.

You as a Life & Ecovillage Designer:

Methodology & practice.

Participatory sessions:

Our teachers help the students learn in collaboration, lively exchange of wisdom and fun.


Mini-designs in each dimension and a week-long design at the end of the course.

Community Living:

Common morning circles, meals and evening sharing circles for the synchronization with the community


Visits to Danish ecovillages and regenerative projects.


How do we study?

This course setup aims to actively engage and involve you during all sessions.


-12 weeks of studying together. 2 days off every week — Thursday and Friday.
- Optional activities during evenings and days off, organized primarily by students/volunteers/residents.


Excursions to Danish ecovillages and regenerative projects.


Who are the facilitators?

Olha Simon

Olha Simon

Olha has completed her Ecovillage Design Education course in Ukraine in 2020. Since then her life totally changed. Today Olha is one of the vision keepers of Avnø Oasis community, a board member of GEN Ukraine, a certified Gaia Education trainer and an ecovillage researcher. Having a pedagogical backgroung, Olha has coordinated around 10 various educational programs and courses in Ukraine and Denmark. Olha is both the coordinator of this course and the teacher of some sessions.


Kristiane Ravn Frost

Kristiane is one of the co-founders of Avnø Oasis ecovillage and Avnø Højskole. Although Kristiane is an educated economist, she has taught about health and well-being in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and USA since 1982. She developed the Aima tools for personal transformation in 2001 to support a smooth transition to a healthy diet and lifestyle. After participating in EDE Damanhur in 2018, she received the certification of a Gaia Education trainer and created the first Health, Happiness and Green Living course.


Where will you live?


Located in a nature reserve, neighbor to the sea and forest, Avno Oasis offers a lovely setting with a serene atmosphere.

Enjoy healthy and delicious organic meals (vegan option available) and use our facilities to boost and develop new skills: gym, fitness, art, music rooms, our library, and co-working space.

Experience being a part of our diverse community, which also includes doing some household chores & kitchen service together with volunteers and residents. 


What is the price?

If you're feeling the call for a change, we're here to welcome you into our community and transform your life. 


28.800 DKK | € 3.900 

All rooms are with private bathrooms and a nice view – the forest, sea, or our green courtyard.


22.200 DKK | € 3.000 

All rooms are with private bathrooms and a nice view – the forest, sea, or our green courtyard.

Are you in a fragile economic situation?

Tell us what you can afford.

All rooms are with private bathrooms and a nice view – the forest, sea, or our green courtyard.

Secure your place in advance 🙂

The prices will increase with 500€ starting May 1, 2024



We ask for a deposit of 500 euros that will be returned when you leave, after we check that your room was left as you found it, keys are returned and all your additional expenses to Avnø Højskole have been cleared (snacks, car use, materials, excursions etc.). Please expect up to 3000 DKK/400€ of additional expenses for excursions and materials.


What do the students say about our course?